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Addicted to Words

Addicted to Words 1.8.1

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 605 users.
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Latest Release Notes:

- Set Z added - a random puzzle generator with more combinations of puzzles than there are atoms in the human body!

- Cost reductions - Puzzles now cost 3 clues to unlock, a 40% cut! - now shown on the menu

- some more spelling corrections and bug fixes...


Can you solve all the puzzles, and find all the words? Addicted to Words is a word puzzle game for word fanatics, crossword junkies and puzzle solvers alike!

We've been getting great reviews from our players, so why not give it a go?

With elements of crosswords, word searches and some classic word games, this new twist makes puzzling a joy. It's easy to learn, fun and challenging!

Rotate your letters to solve the clues. There's no time limits, no order in which you have to solve the clues, no scores and no pressure, just the fun of solving a puzzle.

Good luck, and enjoy being Addicted to Words!

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iPad Screenshots:


Available on iOS and also available on Android Here!

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