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Trace: A Love Story

Trace is an experimental app that I hope to evolve over the coming months. It’s my attempt at bringing storytelling and emotion to a genre that tends to lack it. Which is odd, as most word game people love reading, love stories and generally spend a lot of time in other peoples’ worlds…

I’ve also tried to open up the storytelling process to the players as well. For me, this is to try and involve people more deeply than they normally would be.

I don’t expect everybody to like what I’ve tried to accomplish with this one. I don’t think I’ve even managed to accomplish much with it. I’m just hoping a few people like it. The more people play, the more money I can donate to the British Heart Foundation. They’re going to be getting around 20% of what the app makes (after Apple’s rather large cut), which I’ll publish as and when it is paid to me. It might swing a couple of percent either way depending on how much the tax man takes, but I’ll tell anybody that asks exactly where the money goes!

Anyway, on with the links!

(This app is currently unavailable, but will be relaunched soon)

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