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Addicted to Spelling – A Word Puzzle Game for Android, iPhone and iPad

Addicted to Spelling is my new word puzzle game. It’s quite a lot like a cross between Addicted to Words (another game of mine – hence the naming convention), SpellTower and Cut the Rope. The basic premise is pretty simple – you spell 3-8 letter words on a 3D tower of letters. You can trace up, down, left, right and diagonally and change direction at any time. You can even go round corners! Bigger words score more, words with more exotic letters score more.

Each level has a goal, which usually involves reaching a set score in a given time or number of moves. Some levels require you to get a certain number of words of a particular length. Each level can be played at 3 different difficulties to add to the challenge!

In the first release, there are 104 levels, making a total of 312 stars to earn, of which the first 26 (A-Z) are completely free.

There are 2 power ups available to make life a little easier, Swaps and Kills. Swaps allow you to swap the position of any two letters and kills destroy any single letter. Completing a level gives you a bonus of either an extra play, an extra swap or an extra kill. When you play, you are given 6 plays completely free, which recharge at a rate of about 1 every 15 minutes.

Addicted to Spelling is available on iPhone and iPad here And Android here!

PS, I’m aware that Facebook integration isn’t working properly yet – Facebook rejected it as 2 of the images they ask for didn’t have the app title in prominently enough… And a webview method I used to login looks slightly wrong. It requires a whole new app version to fix, but I’m working on it! :-)

First Formula Racing – Not a Formula 1 game…

First Formula Racing is not an F1 game. It might have a passing resemblance to the roster names, the team colours might seem similar, but I promise you, Formula One and the FIA have nothing to do with it… Which is pretty obvious if you actually play the game…

First Formula Racing

It is, however, a touch focused racing game with a bit of a difference to other titles. I was working on an update/sequel to AJM, and I wanted to bring it a new flavour. Then I got hold of New Star Soccer and lost my life to it for a little bit. It was almost exactly perfect, and made me think about how games could be structured on mobile to be more passive activities. I redesigned what I had to fit this new aesthetic, and created a formula one racing simulator. Then I took my old game to pieces, and added it back in on top of the simulation.

First Formula Racing

Nothing about this game is perfect. The number of flaws I can pick out will probably be about 100 times longer than the flaws you will notice (though you’ll definitely notice them) but I think it’s fun. It will also get better over the next few months. I plan to add (in this order, but might not get round to doing them all, depends how many people buy it):

    Weather (Rain should be and is a massive part of Motorsport)
    More tracks (Ideally, individual corners for each race, especially street circuits)
    Team management

And also fixing the bugs… The first one being the overall standings one. You’ll know it when you see it…

Hopefully some people will enjoy this game for what it is. It’s not supposed to change your life – just pass a bit of time!

(This app is currently unavailable, but will be relaunched soon)

Trace: A Love Story

Trace is an experimental app that I hope to evolve over the coming months. It’s my attempt at bringing storytelling and emotion to a genre that tends to lack it. Which is odd, as most word game people love reading, love stories and generally spend a lot of time in other peoples’ worlds…

I’ve also tried to open up the storytelling process to the players as well. For me, this is to try and involve people more deeply than they normally would be.

I don’t expect everybody to like what I’ve tried to accomplish with this one. I don’t think I’ve even managed to accomplish much with it. I’m just hoping a few people like it. The more people play, the more money I can donate to the British Heart Foundation. They’re going to be getting around 20% of what the app makes (after Apple’s rather large cut), which I’ll publish as and when it is paid to me. It might swing a couple of percent either way depending on how much the tax man takes, but I’ll tell anybody that asks exactly where the money goes!

Anyway, on with the links!

(This app is currently unavailable, but will be relaunched soon)

Addicted to Words

Addicted to Words 1.8.1

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 604 users.
App Store

Latest Release Notes:

- Set Z added - a random puzzle generator with more combinations of puzzles than there are atoms in the human body!

- Cost reductions - Puzzles now cost 3 clues to unlock, a 40% cut! - now shown on the menu

- some more spelling corrections and bug fixes...


Can you solve all the puzzles, and find all the words? Addicted to Words is a word puzzle game for word fanatics, crossword junkies and puzzle solvers alike!

We've been getting great reviews from our players, so why not give it a go?

With elements of crosswords, word searches and some classic word games, this new twist makes puzzling a joy. It's easy to learn, fun and challenging!

Rotate your letters to solve the clues. There's no time limits, no order in which you have to solve the clues, no scores and no pressure, just the fun of solving a puzzle.

Good luck, and enjoy being Addicted to Words!

iPhone Screenshots:


iPad Screenshots:


Available on iOS and also available on Android Here!

No Nonsense Stop Smoking Guide

The No Nonsense Stop Smoking Guide 1.0.1

App Store

Latest Release Notes:

- Fixed a bug that meant pages weren't rendered properly.


Stopping smoking is hard. Really hard. If you're serious about quitting, and want to know what stopping will feel like, how it affects you, what help is available or what medications work best then this is the app for you!

Now, everybody already knows how unhealthy smoking is, it's been covered hundreds of times before and we're not going to patronise you by telling you all that stuff again. And we're not going to provide you with a quirky timer that tells all your friends just how long you've stopped for (before the inevitable night out ends your latest quit attempt). What we're offering is simply information, information that many people would have you pay for, so you can be prepared when you are ready to stop. For good. Forever.

Please be aware that due to our desire to keep the information contained in this app to be as up to date, accurate and informative as possible, much of the information is stored on the web. If you do not have a web connection, you may not be able to view the information and advice contained therein.

iPhone Screenshots:


iPad Screenshots:


Log Off

Log Off 1.0.0

Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 9 users.
App Store

Latest Release Notes:


When 'making a physical dump' at the office, have you ever wondered what you're earning? Relax as you Log Off and read the news (just tap the newspaper on the floor while logging off), browse your apps, or simply watch your pay coming in, then, with integrated Facebook support, you can let your friends know about your number two...

*This app is for entertainment purposes. Don't get yourself fired for spending too much time on the toilet (or, at least, letting your boss find out).

iPhone Screenshots:


iPad Screenshots:


Six Letter Words

Get it on Google Play Here or on the App Store:

Six Letter Words 1.10.0

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 373 users.
App Store

Latest Release Notes:

Version 1.10.0

- Added new puzzles to sets A, B and K
- Removed 'Prize Puzzle' mode
- Other minor fixes

Version 1.8.0

- Added Set K - 9 free puzzles only available after completing every other puzzle!
- Tweaks to 'Solve and Set' Mode
- Added landscape orientations
- Integrated all In-App Purchases to the clue system, so sets can be unlocked with the clues you earn
- Assorted tweaks to game play mechanics and graphics

Version 1.7.0

- Added 'Solve and Set' mode - multiplayer via Gamecenter
- Added new ways to earn free clues
- Added options to bulk buy clues
- Bug fix - iAds no longer display after any puzzles have been purchased
- Assorted fixes and tweaks to 'Word Builder' mode


Six Letter Words - A word puzzle game for Word fanatics, crossword junkies and puzzle solvers alike! Why not give it a go?

Six Letter Puzzles
With elements of crosswords, word searches and some classic word games, this new twist makes the most of the 3rd dimension. It's easy to learn, fun and challenging!

Rotate your letters to solve the clues. There's no time limits, no order in which you have to solve the clues, no scores and no pressure, just the fun of solving a puzzle.

Solve and Set
Multiplayer via Gamecenter - Solve a common puzzle co-operatively. Set the clues for your partner, and solve the clues your team-mate sets!

Word Builder
Find as many words as you can from a random jumble of letters. Start with 3 letter words, then four, then five and finally 6! Each word with the same number of letters must outscore the last. Unlocked for free when a puzzle pack is purchased!

Please take the time to rate and review this game if you like it, and tell your friends. It's a great help!

iPhone Screenshots:


iPad Screenshots:


AJM Toy Car Racing

AJM Toy Car Racing 1.0.0

Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 23 users.
App Store

Latest Release Notes:


Great game! - ★★★★★

"I would have paid money for this. It has lots of content and it's free! Worth the space it takes!"

Car Freak 227
Awesome - ★★★★★

"Pretty much what I was looking for and free :D It is good for actually seeing how you drift around a corner."


Ever play with cars as a kid? Racing them round your room without a care in the world? AJM Toy Car Racing was created for you!

Employing a unique control scheme, all you need to do is point where you want to go. No tilting required!

*Over 40 Cars
- Unlock over 40 toy cars to take to the track.
- Every vehicle has unique handling and speed characteristics.

*5 Track Locations
- 5 Unique Tracks, each with 3 variations.
- Race in the Play room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and garden.

*4 Different Game Modes
- Time Trials - Go as fast as you can.
- Score Attack - Avoid crashing for as long as you can.
- Single Race - Beat your three opponents
- Battle - The further in front you are, the more damage you do to your opponent.

*Level Up
- Pass your tests to Level Up and unlock new cars.
- 24 Tests to take.

*Achievements and Leaderboards
- Will you be top of the leaderboards?
- Can you complete the tasks?

*Multi-Player enabled
- Battle against strangers and friends over gamecenter.
- Climb the Rankings to be the best!

If you're after a realistic take on racing, this probably won't be your thing. If you're after arcade fun, maybe it is.

Please Rate this and any app if you like it!

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iPad Screenshots: