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No Nonsense Stop Smoking Guide

The No Nonsense Stop Smoking Guide 1.0.1

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Latest Release Notes:

- Fixed a bug that meant pages weren't rendered properly.


Stopping smoking is hard. Really hard. If you're serious about quitting, and want to know what stopping will feel like, how it affects you, what help is available or what medications work best then this is the app for you!

Now, everybody already knows how unhealthy smoking is, it's been covered hundreds of times before and we're not going to patronise you by telling you all that stuff again. And we're not going to provide you with a quirky timer that tells all your friends just how long you've stopped for (before the inevitable night out ends your latest quit attempt). What we're offering is simply information, information that many people would have you pay for, so you can be prepared when you are ready to stop. For good. Forever.

Please be aware that due to our desire to keep the information contained in this app to be as up to date, accurate and informative as possible, much of the information is stored on the web. If you do not have a web connection, you may not be able to view the information and advice contained therein.

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