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Look Into the Light – Out now on OUYA

It’s been an interesting few months for me. I’ve not got a lot of work done, which is an issue as it means I’ve not had the chance to do all the things I wanted with Look Into the Light. As a result, I’ve changed a few things round with it, and will be releasing it in chapters. Instead of forcing people to either wait or pay, the first chapter will be free, then each subsequent chapter will be $0.99. For early adopters, buying chapter 2 will get them chapter 3 for free.

If it does well, the chapters will come out regularly until all 5 are complete. If not, then I’ll prioritise other projects and update as and when I can. There are 2 things which I haven’t had chance to do, but wish I had, which is to record the ‘Twinkle twinkle’ theme into something more grandiose, and to record a voiceover dialogue for the menu which gave a little more insight into plot. Again, I’ll add these if time and money permit.

It’s out now, and the first update adding new levels and fixing a bunch of stuff will be along in the next week or 2. I hope you like it.

*Update* – I’m about a third of the way there on the update. I got a full time job (temporarily) to pay the bills so I’ve been a little delayed in getting stuff done. It’s coming though, just not as soon as I would have liked!

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