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Health Issues, Updates, and New Projects

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. It’s been even longer since I updated any of my games. Unfortunately, I stopped the majority of development on a number of projects, both new and old (Addicted to Spelling, Look Into the Light, Trace and First Formula Racing, for the existing titles) due to a number of health issues and family commitments.

Basically, due to my diabetes, or the injections in my eyes, or a combination of the two, I had a ‘neurological event’ which is likely to have been a transient ischaemic attack. I ended up in hospital for a short time, but fortunately there was no permanent brain damage. It seems as though I dodged a bullet, but it took it out of me and meant I had to have a bit of time off. This meant that my kids needed income from somewhere (self employment means no sickness benefits) so their mum went to work full time and I started looking after the children.

I’ve been improving quite a lot, and am mostly back to my old self, I’ve even been doing bits of work here and there (Chicken Wings being my favourite) and have redirected my efforts towards a project that I think can help people like me. That project is the Active Diabetes App. It’s looking pretty good. I’m starting an Indiegogo campaign for it in about a weeks time, and it would be great if you could support it.



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