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First Formula Racing – Not a Formula 1 game…

First Formula Racing is not an F1 game. It might have a passing resemblance to the roster names, the team colours might seem similar, but I promise you, Formula One and the FIA have nothing to do with it… Which is pretty obvious if you actually play the game…

First Formula Racing

It is, however, a touch focused racing game with a bit of a difference to other titles. I was working on an update/sequel to AJM, and I wanted to bring it a new flavour. Then I got hold of New Star Soccer and lost my life to it for a little bit. It was almost exactly perfect, and made me think about how games could be structured on mobile to be more passive activities. I redesigned what I had to fit this new aesthetic, and created a formula one racing simulator. Then I took my old game to pieces, and added it back in on top of the simulation.

First Formula Racing

Nothing about this game is perfect. The number of flaws I can pick out will probably be about 100 times longer than the flaws you will notice (though you’ll definitely notice them) but I think it’s fun. It will also get better over the next few months. I plan to add (in this order, but might not get round to doing them all, depends how many people buy it):

    Weather (Rain should be and is a massive part of Motorsport)
    More tracks (Ideally, individual corners for each race, especially street circuits)
    Team management

And also fixing the bugs… The first one being the overall standings one. You’ll know it when you see it…

Hopefully some people will enjoy this game for what it is. It’s not supposed to change your life – just pass a bit of time!

(This app is currently unavailable, but will be relaunched soon)

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