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Addicted to Spelling – A Word Puzzle Game for Android, iPhone and iPad

Addicted to Spelling is my new word puzzle game. It’s quite a lot like a cross between Addicted to Words (another game of mine – hence the naming convention), SpellTower and Cut the Rope. The basic premise is pretty simple – you spell 3-8 letter words on a 3D tower of letters. You can trace up, down, left, right and diagonally and change direction at any time. You can even go round corners! Bigger words score more, words with more exotic letters score more.

Each level has a goal, which usually involves reaching a set score in a given time or number of moves. Some levels require you to get a certain number of words of a particular length. Each level can be played at 3 different difficulties to add to the challenge!

In the first release, there are 104 levels, making a total of 312 stars to earn, of which the first 26 (A-Z) are completely free.

There are 2 power ups available to make life a little easier, Swaps and Kills. Swaps allow you to swap the position of any two letters and kills destroy any single letter. Completing a level gives you a bonus of either an extra play, an extra swap or an extra kill. When you play, you are given 6 plays completely free, which recharge at a rate of about 1 every 15 minutes.

Addicted to Spelling is available on iPhone and iPad here And Android here!

PS, I’m aware that Facebook integration isn’t working properly yet – Facebook rejected it as 2 of the images they ask for didn’t have the app title in prominently enough… And a webview method I used to login looks slightly wrong. It requires a whole new app version to fix, but I’m working on it! :-)

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