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AJM Toy Car Racing

AJM Toy Car Racing 1.0.0

Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 23 users.
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Great game! - ★★★★★

"I would have paid money for this. It has lots of content and it's free! Worth the space it takes!"

Car Freak 227
Awesome - ★★★★★

"Pretty much what I was looking for and free :D It is good for actually seeing how you drift around a corner."


Ever play with cars as a kid? Racing them round your room without a care in the world? AJM Toy Car Racing was created for you!

Employing a unique control scheme, all you need to do is point where you want to go. No tilting required!

*Over 40 Cars
- Unlock over 40 toy cars to take to the track.
- Every vehicle has unique handling and speed characteristics.

*5 Track Locations
- 5 Unique Tracks, each with 3 variations.
- Race in the Play room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and garden.

*4 Different Game Modes
- Time Trials - Go as fast as you can.
- Score Attack - Avoid crashing for as long as you can.
- Single Race - Beat your three opponents
- Battle - The further in front you are, the more damage you do to your opponent.

*Level Up
- Pass your tests to Level Up and unlock new cars.
- 24 Tests to take.

*Achievements and Leaderboards
- Will you be top of the leaderboards?
- Can you complete the tasks?

*Multi-Player enabled
- Battle against strangers and friends over gamecenter.
- Climb the Rankings to be the best!

If you're after a realistic take on racing, this probably won't be your thing. If you're after arcade fun, maybe it is.

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