Curiosity. Curiosity is what drives us deeper, in search of something more. Maybe we're looking for answers to the bigger picture, or maybe we want to get into the inner workings of something. Maybe we're just trying to find something, hidden away from prying eyes, that nobody else has seen. Is it part of our need to feel special? Unique? Or is it simply that we need to search? To explore the frontiers of everything we do?

Sometimes, when we dig, what we find is a new world. A world full of childlike wonder that we'd never experienced before. We learn about ourselves, our place in the world, and the wider universe at large. Other times, what we find can scare us. Make us retreat. Tuck our tails between our legs and run for the hills, because what we find can lead to danger. It makes us wish we'd never looked at all.

But that's human nature. We'll never stop looking. Peering deeper. Searching. No matter what we find, no matter how uncomfortable or wonderful a place we find ourselves in, we will always want to find somewhere new, something better, something different. We're seeking for answers. Sometimes they never come...